Chanel Venice Collection for Fall 2009 Mini Review & Swatches

July 20, 2009
Swatches of Les 4 Ombres/Quadra Eyeshadow in Murano:
mossy green; pale pink; seafoam green; deep green shimmer

As many before me have mentioned (and as I’m sure many after me will also say), Chanel’s Murano quad (see a shot of it HERE) from their Fall 2009 Venice Collection is reminiscent of their much loved Garden Party quad ~ only more grown up and amped up a notch or two. While the quad would make a beautiful green-tinged smoky eye, I personally wasn’t a fan of the two darker shades which I just know would look muddy on me. The palette lacked the wow-factor that I’ve come to expect from palettes that cost an arm & a leg.

I did, however, absolutely love the two fall glossimers!

Glossimer Swatches (L to R): Arlequin, Courtisane

Arlequin is a shimmery slightly peachy/yellowy gold that great for giving your lips that sun-ksised, touched with golden shimmer look. You know how I love my shimmer, and this definitely contains copious amounts!

Courtisane is a bright Barbie pink and one of the prettiest glossimers I’ve seen in a long time! Chanel’s glossimers have been rather uninspired as of late, so I was so pleased to see the bold Courtisane being as part of the fall line-up. I’m definitely thinking I need to go back for this one.

I found Chanel’s Fall 2009 release as a whole to have a rather staid, heavy feel to it so other than perhaps indulging in a little Courtisane, I’ll probably be saving my pennies for the bigger and better things I sense coming with the Winter 2009 releases.

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