Eye Cream Quest Part 1: Dior HydrAction Visible Defense Hydra-Protective Eye Creme SPF 20 Review & Swatches

July 17, 2009
Here’s installment one of the eye cream reviews that I promised you! I’m wondering if these should have a title like the Mascara Series does, but I’m not entirely sure. Any preferences? I’m leaning towards no.

Dior HydrAction Visible Defense Hydra-Protective Eye Creme SPF 20 ($54)
This SPF 20 hydra-protective skincare that uses Aquaporin technology moisturizes your skin intensely, protecting it effectively against external stresses thanks to the exclusive Dior Multi-Protective SPF 20 complex that acts as a powerful protective barrier. Effectively protected and perfectly moisturized, your skin visibly regains its glow and beauty.

I had my mother pick up Dior’s HydrAction Visible Defense Hydra-Protective Eye Creme for me a few years back when she was in Korea (from Duty Free of course), sight unseen, and it was definitely full of surprises for me as it was nothing like what I was expecting.

Age Range: I’d say this particular eye cream is best-suited for those in their teens to mid thirties as it seems to be formulated to address the more preliminary signs of aging and to emphasize preventative measures as opposed to actually remedying fully-formed wrinkles. While it’s decently moisturizing, it’s also rather light and doesn’t provide the heavier moisture your under eye area may be craving once you hit 40.

Sorry for this terrible photo — these were taken with my old camera which didn’t do so well in low-light conditions.

What It’s Good For: You’ll want this HydrAction Creme is you’re seeking moderate hydration and don’t suffer from excessively parched undereye skin. This eye cream is good for those who spend a lot of time outdoors as it contains SPF and protects against environmental stresses and pollutants. It’ll help address those first few fine lines you’re seeing, but it doesn’t do much for more deeply ingrained wrinkles, dark circles or puffiness.

The Formula:
As I mentioned, I was rather surprised by the formula. Dior’s HydrAction Hydra-Protective Eye Creme has the consistency of a thick souffle and therefore is a little disconcerting upon first use. It feels nice and light though (it’s almost fluffy) and glides on easily. One aspect that can be either a pro or a con is that this product leaves a bit of a whitish cast wherever it’s applied thanks to the SPF (see it sheered out in the photo below to see what I mean). I actually like this since I’m decently pale and it gives me eyes a brightened appearance, but if you’re on the darker side it might appear to be a bit odd. The formula is moderately hydrating, non-irritating, very gentle on the eyes and all-around a good solid eye cream. I appreciate that it’s non-greasy and therefore doesn’t migrate and slide around my eye ruining my eye makeup.

The Verdict: While I don’t really see this eye cream providing any heavy-duty anti-aging benefits, I do quite like it for its simplicity and the fact that it’s one of the few eye creams to provide decent SPF protection, something that’s key for the delicate skin under our eyes. If you’re young, have relatively good skin and are just looking for a good solid eye cream that’ll provide you with sun protection, moisturization and a brightened, lightened undereye area with some anti-aging bits thrown in this is a good option for you. I like to use this on those summer days when it’s just too hot for anything heavier.

RATING: 3.75/5

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