ABS’ Five: Random Odds & Ends

July 16, 2009
Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Effet Extension ($28)
The secret of this mascara’s high-definition lengthening power lies in its extending and fixing: It strikes the perfect balance between the formula’s elasticity and drying time. The result is bat-worthy lashes with a panoramic effect.

Before you begin wondering why I’m blogging about Phenomen’eyes yet again, let me just say that I believe that this is the newer version of Phenomen’eyes and a recent release! I’m not sure what precisely is different, but the spikes on the ball applicator do seem to be a tad longer/spikier.

KohGenDo Maifanshi Moisture Foundation ($28)
Wake up skin with fresh, natural radiance
This gentle formula foundation helps seal in natural moisture. The ultra-fine particles smooth evenly over skin as the light creamy texture provides full coverage over problem areas. The look is beautifully radiant.

All-season formula is sweat-resistant in the summer and keeps skin hydrated in winter.

This gentle-formula foundation contains nature’s own sunscreen — titanium particles, shea butter and other natural ingredients. Spreads smoothly over skin and provides full coverage. Contains ingredients that help seal in moisture.

I saw a review of this on another blog and it’s been on my wishlist ever since. I get the feeling it could be HG material!

Darac Beauty Feature Focus Face Definer System ($39.50)
Feature Focus is a trio of coordinating cream gel makeups designed to enhance your best features and play down those that are not your favorite. It comes with the Looking Glass Cheat Sheet, a portable acetate facial silhouette that clings to any mirror to guide you through a perfect application.

A new translucent gel hybrid layers effortlessly, helping to provide a smooth application and allowing the skin to breathe. Three definer shades provide for a naturally contoured face effect. The Looking Glass Cheat Sheet is a how-to map that clings to the user’s mirror to work as an at-home guide detailing how to apply each shade. All shades can be blended for a perfect color balance.

I saw these products at Henri Bendel’s the other day and loved the packaging and the ease and convenience of three face products in one convenient little compact.

Darac Beauty TourQuam Regular Brush ($40)
Multilayered bristles with enhanced stability at the base help the TourQuam’s light fibers splay out across the face so that makeup is deposited seamlessly. The cross-hatched bristles let TourQuam kiss every nook, plane, and peak on your face for a perfect makeup application. Soft smooth fibers–based on those incorporated in fingerprinting brushes–let the TourQuam glide effortlessly across the face so that there is no streaking, skipping, or clumping. The Energer source-infused ferrule (mid-section of the brush) attracts a powder’s magnetic ingredients, helping the TourQuam pick up only the most sifted and gentle amount of powder. The ferrule’s technological movement can actually be heard as the energy source lightly and evenly propels powder across the face.

Brushes with magnets in them — whatever will they come up with next?!

Juicy Loves Sephora Lip Gloss ($12)
Juicy Loves Sephora Lip Gloss is the secret to a princess-worthy pout. This soft, sweet gloss comes in a chic, pink tin adorned with the iconic Juicy Scottie dogs and crest. It’s a true must-have for every glam girl.

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