Q-Tips: How Do You Use Them?

July 14, 2009

I was really thrilled to see that Q-tips recently released these adorable and oh-so-functional Vanity Packs – attractive enough to prettify any countertop or vanity!

I don’t know about you, but Q-tips are really a staple in my daily routine. There are just a million and one ways to use them! Here’re a few ways that I use my Q-tips:

  • to smudge/blend the upper contours of a dramatic eyeshadow look when I need something a little stiffer than my blending brush
  • to squirt a little makeup remover onto to clean up any fallout issues and messiness
  • to soften up/smudge liner when I’m having a brush crisis (meaning my brushes are filthy and need a good wash)
  • to wipe off random objects (like Chloe’s ears!)
  • applying ointment
  • and so so much more!

I’ve never really been a fan of the Q-tip packaging (although I”ll admit that it’s classic) so I was so pleased to see that they’re now available in four trendy, pull-out drawer designs that look great in any room, and more importantly are really well-designed. The inner drawer slides out to reveal a neatly stacked tower of Q-tips at your service. Love it!

So what unique uses have you found for Q-tips? Share your ideas with me! 🙂

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