ChapStick True Shimmer Review & Swatches

July 14, 2009
ChapStick True Shimmer ($2.79)

Good morning my lovelies! So today’s going to be drugstore day, meaning all of the reviewed products will be not only very affordable but available at a drugstore near you! 🙂

Up first we have ChapStick’s True Shimmer lip balm — a fun, affordable little product that offers you the moisturizing benefits of your classic Chapstick with the added benefit of a subtle, soft shimmer. It’s available in an array of fun flavors and it’s cheap enough that you can pop one in every purse.

I really like that ChapSticks have that slightly waxy feel to them as it makes them great to layer under lipsticks, and with True Shimmer’s added shine, any lipstick will have that extra boost.

My one little gripe with these was that the flavors are a little funky. The SO complained that something smelled/tasted a little off when I was wearing these – I believe he said they reminded him of chalky Pez or something along those lines.

The shimmer/shine is very subtle and non-gritty which I can appreciate, as I recall that I wasn’t all too crazy about the SoftLips shimmer products because of their really stiff, strange consistency.

While ChapStick True Shimmers aren’t necessarily a must have for me, I do find it convenient to have them lying all around the house and in all my bags for those times when I just need a little hassle-free moisture and some shine. Plus you can’t really go wrong with something under $3!

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