Yves Saint Laurent Water-Resistant Eyeshadow in Shade 2 Amethyst Grey Review & Swatches

July 13, 2009
Yves Saint Laurent Water-Resistant Eyeshadow/Fard Lumiere Aquaresistant ($28.50)
Yves Saint Laurent FARD LUMIÈRE AQUARÉSISTANT Water-Resistant Eye Shadow dresses the eyelids with long-lasting, luminous, and water-resistant color. The aqueous-gel texture feels fresh upon application and dries down to a shimmering veil of color that can be layered for a look that’s as intense as you desire. The air-tight pot keeps the formula moist so that every application looks fresh and luminous.

Not to be gross, but I quite easily have the oiliest eyelids known to man. I’m talking oiliness that eats through any and all shadows, primers, liners, mascaras, and anything else you could think of to apply to the eye area. So when it’s comes to claims of budge-proof, smudge-proof eye products I’m always simultaneously intrigued and skeptical.

I’ve been testing out YSL’s Water-Resistant Eyeshadow in Shade #2 Amethyst Grey during the hot, humid, and overall stinky weather we’ve been having as of late. Read on to find out how it holds up!

Photo with no flash. See the photo below to get a pretty good idea of what Amethyst Grey looks like in person.

The Packaging: I must say that I love the sleek square packaging YSL’s got going on here. The screw top makes for an air-tight seal, ensuring that the product within doesn’t end up all dry and desiccated, and the lucite-like bottom gives the product a refreshing, cooling look to it which goes along with the whole theme of a light, fresh-feeling shadow that meant to hold up to splashing in the water. The brush that comes with this shadow stinks though, which was expected.

Close-up of Amethyst Grey in the pot.

The Color: Based upon Sephora’s swatch I was expecting a light lavendery amthyst hue with just a hint of underlying gray to it, and so was really disappointed upon opening up my pot to see this quivering blob of dark taupey gray matter looking back at me. But once I got past my initial chagrin, I succumbed to the prettiness that is Amethyst Grey. The shade is comprised of a light to medium grey with flashes of lilac that really makes for a beautiful, soft daytime smoky look, and the color really is buildable from just the sheerest wash of gray to a more pigmented lavender/grey with much more depth to it. Amethyst Grey has some soft shimmer and sheen to it and makes for an entirely appropriate work look.

Swatch of Amethyst Grey – it’s tough to capture on camera because of the sheen.

The Formula: YSL’s Fard Lumiere Aquaresistants are rather pricey at $30+ after tax, but the formula is spot on and really lives up to its name. Once dry this water-resistant formula truly resists all any smearing, smudging, creasing, and other unpleasantness all day and night without the aid of any base or primer.

The texture of Fard Lumiere is akin to a light whipped eyeshadow, albeit a bit more liquidy that I’d expected, and it applies easily and blends well using a smudge brush (or pretty much any dense brush you have lying around). I checked my eyelids periodically throughout the day and there wasn’t a crease to be seen for the 15 hours that I wore this — pretty remarkable I’d say!

I took a photo of my eye with only the YSL shadow in Amethyst Grey on so you can get an idea of what this looks like on the eye, although as I mentioned it’s very hard to capture and not nearly as nice on film as it is in person:

And while I liked the look I felt that it was lacking a little extra oomph so I topped it with my Jill Stuart Jelly Eye Color in Moon Shadow (review HERE) which is essentially a much lighter, much much sparklier version of Amethyst Grey for some added fun:

The Conclusion: While YSL’s Water-Resistant Eyeshadow wasn’t 100% what I was expecting it to be, I’m really loving the formula and the ease of use. Most morning I just don’t have time to apply an eyelid primer and then eyeshadow, nor do I have the energy to be checking on my eye makeup throughout the day to ensure that it isn’t creasing, so YSL’s new waterproof release kills to birds with one stone. While the shade range is disappointingly limited (four in all), I highly recommend these if you’re looking for some long-lasting color this summer!

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