GHD IV Mini Styler Review & Photos

July 13, 2009

GHD IV Mini Styler (marked down from $179 to $149)
The ghd IV mini styler – is all you’ll ever need to create perfect curls, movement, volume, and straight hair, thanks to its advanced technology and smart features. The ghd IV mini styler – features a round barrel with narrower plates and clever control circuitry to maintain the optimum temperature while styling. The ghd IV mini styler – is designed for urban angels with shorter hair and is the ideal styling tool for men.

While my hair is pretty straight to begin with, there are days when I need for every last hair to be nestled into place and for my look to just scream “I’m polished and together” — and that’s where the GHD comes in. I’ve been using a cheap-ish drugstore flat iron for ages now but I just wasn’t happy with the tugging and snagging I experienced using it.

So why the Mini Styler? Well easy — it was the cheapest in the range and pretty much the most I was willing to spend on a flat iron, no matter how good. As I said, my hair doesn’t need too much help in the straightening department and so I just couldn’t bring myself to spend over $200 on a product I’d rarely use. That having been said, I do think the GHD was a rather nice investment.

What I Love: The GHD heats up in literally a matter of seconds, meainng it’s raring to go almost as soon as I’ve plugged it in. Given the straightness of my hair and the fact that I don’t have much of it, I can have everything stick straight and special-event-ready in under five minutes.

The small plates let me get really close to my roots, meaning I can tame those little flyaways I sometimes get, and the narrower, rounder plates make this awesome for curling. This is seriously the best flat iron for curling and I’ve tried a bunch.

But the greatest aspect of the GHD, for me, are the floating blades. They have some give to them, meaning no snagging or pulling at your delicate hair while attempting to straighten it with a searing hot insturment of pain.

Not So Much: My one major gripe is the lack of temperature settings. Depending on the texture/relative straightness of your hair, you really don’t need temperatures as high as the GHD reaches. I’ve straightened a section of my hair and then gone to touch it and nearly burned my fingers off on numerous occasions — this thing is seriously hot! And while the GHD does leave my hair looking shiny, I do still feel that it’s somewhat damaging my weak, baby-fine hair. Oh and of course the price is a little over the top for me.

So below you’ll find a few photos of my first attempt at curling my hair using the GHD. Not it’s not perfect and I’m by no means a curling expert, but I was pretty darn pleased considering this took all of 5-10 minutes. Of course practice makes perfect though! And did I mention these curls lasted all day without any hairspray in my never-holds-a-curl locks?

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