Sephora’s New Double-Ended Color Dipped Brushes

July 9, 2009

Back when I purchased my shu uemura #18 goat foundation brush (review HERE) I also happened to spy their 18r red powder brush; I wasn’t particularly into the brush itself, but I was enthralled by the unnaturally red hue of the bristles. When I saw Sephora’s Color Dipped Brushes on the site today, I was immediately reminded of the Shu brush.

Double-Ended Perfect Complexion Brush ($35)
Sephora Brand Double-Ended Perfect Complexion Brush is a makeup bag must-have designed to create a flawless result. This essential is twice as nice with a side that specializes in cream and fluid foundation and a side that works wonders with powders.

Tell me if I’m being a beauty snob here, but I happen to think that $35 for a Sephora-brand brush is just a bit much, especially considering that the Shu brush I’d had my eye on doesn’t cost that much more. That having been said, you know it’s nearly impossible for me to resist anything pink. I do think I’ll manage though give the rather high price and the fact that I really don’t need another foundation brush.

Double-Ended Grab’n Go Brush ($32)
Sephora Brand Double-Ended Grab’n Go Brush is a brilliant solution for complete eye and face makeup. The soft, orange brush fibers aren’t the only bright thing about this must-have tool. Grab this go-getter and you have an eyeshadow brush for applying light-colored shadow over the entire eyelid and a powder brush for applying loose powder or compact foundation on the other—all in one hand!

Am I missing something here or is this brush really orange and my eyes have just gone wonky on me?

Double-Ended Smokey Eye Brush ($18)
Sephora Brand Double-Ended Smokey Eye Brush is equipped with a slanted eyeliner brush and a smudge dome, both in a posh and pleasing purple, which promises to create a downright stunning stare. Line the length of your upper and lower lashes with the slant end for a seductive start. Use the smudge end to draw darker shadow to the exterior of the eye or to outline the eye with a thick, bold line.

Double-Ended Winged Brush ($18)
Sephora Brand Double-Ended Winged Brush is a one-tool ticket to seriously sophisticated eye makeup. Don’t be fooled by the mellow feeling of its soft-textured, light yellow, synthetic fibers—this must-have means beautiful business. Use the eyeliner end to draw a fine line and apply cream or powder shadow with the complementary shading and blending end.

Double-Ended Every Day Eye Brush ($18)
Sephora Brand Double-Ended Every Day Eye Brush is a must-have eye makeup tool that is enchanting in orange. The colorful brush fibers aren’t the only bright thing about this eye-catching essential. Now you can apply shadow all over the lid and blend your way to fabulous effects with darker shadows—all with one bound-to-be-beloved brush.

If I were you be completely honest with myself I’d be able to admit that I really do want at least one of the first two brushes that I posted, but as of right now I’m swimming deep in denial and refuse to come up for air until the urge to buy has passed! Especially consdering that I just placed a Sephora order (with a gift card I swear!) the other day for a YSL water-resistant eyeshadow in a gorgeous gray/amethyst shade and Urban Decay’s latest mascara release.

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