Battle of the Greens: Everyday Minerals Mint Color Corrector vs. Pearl Mint Concealer

July 9, 2009

As part of my seemingly never-ending quest for that holy grail product (whether it be a foundation, concealer, primer) to eradicate all the unattractive splotchy redness I have to my face, I present you with a comparison of two green-tinged mineral products. I’ve always been a huge fan of Everyday Minerals free samples — three foundations, one concealer and one blush, all for the price of shipping makes for a happy Jen! As you can see from the photos, I got my sample of Everyday Minerals’ Mint Concealer waaaaaay back when they didn’t have the fancy jars they do now.

So on the left we have Everyday Mineral’s Mint Concealer, and on the left is the Pearl Mint: so which counteracted redness better, taming the beast that is my face? Well let’s just say that these two products are very very different.

Close-up of Mint

Mint Concealer wins hands-down in the redness correction category. A light dusting of this powder helps to tame the redness while slightly lightening the skin and providing a veil of neutralizing coverage. The powder itself is a bit chalkier than Pearl Mint, but more significantly it has a thicker, creamier feel to it that enables it to conceal redness and mask imperfections.

Close-up of Pearl Mint

Pearl Mint works more as a highlighter/brightener than as a a redness reducer. It’s a beautifully light, silky powder that glides on with a pearly sheen. I’d say it does little to nothing in the way of concealing redness, although I guess it’s better than nothing at all.

An even closer look at Pearl Mint.

So between the two which would I recommend? Well sadly at this point I’d have to say neither. Don’t get me wrong I do like both of them, in a kind of lackluster, ho-hummish way, but they both have their insurmountable faults that for me just don’t make them worth purchasing.

Mint, while it successfully conceals redness, fails to keep the oilies at bay and even seems to aggravate them, plus it gives me face a rather unattractive ashen cast to it that’s visible in direct sunlight and not really the look I’m going for. Mint Pearl is an even worse offender in the oiliness department– 2 or 3 hours into wearing this my face is an oil slick and the look is only exacerbataed by the pearliness of the powder.

Swatches of Mint (left) and Pearl Mint (right)

The swatches, lightly (not fully) blended. See the definite green pallor to my skin? It can be buffed away, but not 100%.

And what they look like all buffed in:

Keep in mind that I’m just one person and there are people out there who swear by Everyday Minerals’ Mint concealer as their end-all be-all redness corrector, so if you’re curiuos be sure to order up a free (well you pay shipping) sample of this stuff to check out. And on a semi-related note, while Pearl Mint may not necessarily make the best setting/redness-reducing powder, I have heard that it makes quite the fabulous eyeshadow!

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