Drugstore Discoveries: Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover Review (and a Quick Bi-Facil Comparison)

July 6, 2009
Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover ($5.99)
CLEAN & CLEAR® Soothing Eye Makeup Remover gently conditions as it dissolves long-wear eye makeup. Its oil-free formula, infused with a combination of cucumber extracts and aloe vera, soothes and refreshes the delicate skin around the eyes.

I’m ashamed to admit that I’m terrible about removing my eye makeup, mostly because it’s just so tough to remove. But when I did reach for an eye makeup remover, it was always Lancome’s Bi-Facil; it’s pricey ($26 for 4.2 oz as opposed to $5.99 for 5.5 oz), leaves me feeling greasy and irritates my eyes a little bit but I’d always heard it was the best out there. Well I’ve now found an alternative that’s dirt cheap, readily available and simply superb at removing even the most stubborn waterproof mascaras and eyeliners (even my Majolica Majorca which nothing has been able to remove until now) ~ Clean & Clear’s Soothing Eye Makeup Remover.

What I Love: I’ve actually had this sitting around on my vanity for a number of months now. To be honest I figured since it was cheap it wouldn’t be any good and wasn’t really planning on using this (it was given to me by a friend) but this is some seriously great stuff! Just like the Lancom Bi-Facil, I shake the bottle to mix up the dual-phase formula, soak a cotton pad with the remover, press the cotton pad to my eye for 15-20 seconds and then voila, even the most stubborn eye makeup melts right off! I’ve tried many many eye makeup removers, and this is definitely one of the best, especially for the price!

Not So Much: The packaging could be a little better, but I guess for $5.99 I really shouldn’t be complaining. Other than that I really can’t find anything wrong with Clear & Clear’s Soothing Eye Makeup Remover–it really is that good!

Am I the only one who loves bi-phase products? It’s so much fun to shake them up!

The Verdict: If you’re a fan of Lancome’s Bi-Facil but can’t stomach the price, Clean & Clear’s Soothing Eye Makeup Remover is an amazing alternative! The oil-free formula is non-irritating, doesn’t leave an oily film over your eye area, feels less greasy than Lancome’s formula, and most importantly, gently removes even the most budge-proof eye products. My inner (much-supressed I swear!) beauty snob cringes a little at how much I love this stuff, but you can’t argue with results!


And in case you’re curious, the INGREDIENTS:
Water, Cyclopentasiloxane, Cyclohexasiloxane, Benzyl Alcohol, Dipropylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Sodium Chloride, Poloxamer 182, Tripotassium EDTA, Benzalkonium Chloride, Allantoin, Dipotassium Phosphate, Potassium Phosphate, Propylene Glycol, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract (Cucumber)

2 Responses to “Drugstore Discoveries: Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover Review (and a Quick Bi-Facil Comparison)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    ★Please forgive me for my unperfect english, it's not my mothertongue.★I find this product to remove make-up very well, but it made my skin breakout, when my skin is usually perfectly smooth. Before this product, I had like, around 30 pimples in my whole life (wich means, 17 years). Also, although they say it's oil free, I find it pretty oily to the touch.That said, it may be good for somebody else. I'm not the center of the universe :3

  2. *Jen* Says:

    Anonymous did it break you out in the eye area? That's really too bad, I do enjoy using it for my more stubborn eye makeup days. Hopefully you have better luck with another product!

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