It’s Time For Show & Tell!

July 3, 2009

I spent some time tonight talking with the lovely Ana (who btw is finally back to blogging! check her out HERE), who I’ve discovered is not only gorgeous but amazingly patient and kind, and she inspired me to post some photos of the odds and ends I’ve made over the past few years. It doesn’t even compare to the amazing artwork that Ana creates, but I hope you have fun looking at it!

This is a freshwater pearl and Swarovski crystal necklace that has a little charm on front and a toggle closure that’s comprised of pearls and a crystal ball.

Two of my favorite bracelets that I’ve made although I rarely wear them. On top is a Swarovski crystal tennis bracelet, and underneath is this cool bracelet I saw at Henri Bendel’s and just had to have but wasn’t willing to pay the price for–so I just made it myself!

Close-ups of the two bracelets from above, minus the flash so you can see the detail better.

Pink pearl and black Swarovski crystal earrings. I happen to love these.

A Swarovski crystal stretchy bracelet I made the other night. I’m not crazy about it and will probably end up taking it apart and turning it into something else.

Close-up of the bracelet.

This ring is meant to go with the blue bracelet above–it was another piece I saw at Bendel’s, but it was priced at $65 or so which is just insane, so I made it myself :).

A bag charm I made way back. I’m actually thinking of using the crystals from the bracelet above and turning them into more of these cute little stars–then I can string 20 or so of them together and turn them into an amazing bag charm. I’ll post photos when I’m done!

Are you into arts & crafts? Love DIY projects? Please do share!

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