Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives: What’s On Your Wishlist?

June 25, 2009

Every spring I eagerly anticipate the launch of Nordstom’s Beauty Exclusives, and they never fail to impress. I happen to think this year’s eclectic selection of products is especially nice, and I’m having a tough time narrowing down my wishlist. Here’s what I’m wanting so far:

Lancôme ‘Declaring Indigo’ Brush Set ($52)
During Elizabethan times indigo was the color of royalty and nobility as the dye produced from indigo plants was extremely expensive. I think I’d feel rather regal getting all prettied up using these alluring indigo-hued brushes from Lancome.

Clarins UV Plus Day Screen SPF 40 (2 for $56)
I think I’ve raved enough about Clarins’ SPF in my post HERE so I’ll spare you more of my crazed babblings, but I just had to point out that this price is pretty great! Definitely on my must-buy list.

M·A·C ‘Eyeshadow x 6’ Palette Graphic Garden ($35)
This is less a need item and more of an “I wouldn’t mind owning this” type of thing. What can I say, I like pretty!

Dior ‘Jazz Club’ Eye Palette ($65)
Dior’s Jazz Club eye palette, featuring pinks and greys, berries and plums includings everything you need for a polished eye other than macara. This chic palette packs shadows, a topcoat, liner, and eyebrow powder. Pop this in your purse and you’ve got an easy transition from day to evening.

Chanel Regards et Brillances de Chanel/Radiant Eye and Lip Palette ($45)
Am I crazy for thinking this is actually pretty cheap for a Chanel palette that includes two shadows, two satin lip creams and two glosses? While I’m not entirely crazy about the seafoam green eyeshadow shade at the bottom left, knowing Chanel this palette is probably gorgeous in person.

M·A·C Look in a Box Sweet Tease ($59.50)
I happen to think that this would make such a great starter set for all those makeup novices/budding young women in our lives. Throw in a little foundation and you’ve pretty much got everything you could possibly need to look polished and feel gorgeous.

Rock & Republic ‘Drama Queen’ Collection ($69.50)
I’ve been dying to test out the still relatively new Rock & Republic collection, and this seems like a nice, semi-affordable way to get my hands on a few products at once.

Viktor & Rolf ‘Flowerbomb’ Anniversary Set ($115)
I’ve professed my love for all things Flowerbomb related on numerous occasions, and I happen to think this set is a pretty good deal. I love the hair mist which Nicole gifted to me right around bar time–it’s a treasured part of my tiny perfume collection!

Laura Mercier ‘Renaissance’ Collection ($65)
The Renaissance is one of my favorite periods of English literature, and Laura Mercier’s Renaissance Collection definitely appeals to my inner romantic. This set includes a deluxe Flawless Skin Day Creme SPF 15 (0.17 oz.), full-size Undercover Pot UC-3 (0.2 oz.), full-size Pink Champagne Lip Glacé (0.16 oz.), Renaissance Eye Color Duo (0.09 oz.), mini Black Thickening and Building Mascara (0.03 oz.), double-ended Secret Camouflage Powder Brush and a mini velour puff. Not bad for $65.

Hanae Mori ‘Paris Butterfly’ Gift Set ($45)
This gift set includes a one ounce fragrance and matching deoderant for only $45. If you love Flowerbomb I’m pretty sure you’ll love this fragrance too–it’s been on my wishlist for years now!

So now that I’ve shared my ridiclously long wishlist with you, tell me what’s on your Nordstrom Beauty Exclusives wishlist! 🙂

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