Sustainable Youth Immune Performance Cream & Serum Review

June 16, 2009

The Claim: Sustainable Youth products are clinically proven to help improve skin elasticity and firmness up to 72 percent in only 8 weeks of use. Consumer case studies show visible signs of improvement in only 2 weeks of use and consumers report benefits in as little as 1 week of use. Sustainable Youth products containthe immune-stimulating, patent-pending blend Alasta™ that soothes and hydrates as it helps restore skin’s elasticity and firmness for the appearance of thicker, plumper skin.

The Reality: I actually gave this serum and cream to my mother for her to test out as her skin has been in need of a bit of a pick-me-up lately, and I have to say that she’s very very pleased! I didn’t tell her much about the product as I didn’t want to bias her, I just handed over these two bottles and told her to use them regularly. The results?

After just a week or so of regular use, she came to me of her own accord and told me that strangely enough, her skin feels thicker, firmer, and more resilient since she started using Sustainable Youth products. She’s been using the serum and cream in conjunction with my new favorite gadget, the Baby Quasar, and according to her, her small lines and wrinkles have decreased in depth and have been fading.

Now my mother is the type of woman who takes amazingly good care of her skin and looks more than ten years younger than she actually is, plus she’s incredibly picky about her skincare products and tends to love the super pricey items, so for her to say that she loves these products says quite a bit about their efficacy. I’m definitely impressed! Check out Sustainable Youth’s line of products for yourself HERE.

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