Do You Match Your Brows To Your Hair?

June 10, 2009

At around midnight on Monday I decided it was time to deal with my hair. I’ve been dying my hair for as long as I can remember-so long that I can no longer remember what my natural hair color looks like. It’s been light brown, chocolate brown, bright red, auburn, highlighted, pink streaked, and pretty much everything in between.

Thanks to layering color over color throughout the years, when the dyes fade my hair is left a dull medium brown shade with a slight orange tinge-not the most attractive look. Couple that with grown out roots and I figured the look wasn’t the most work-appropriate, so decided to take matters into my own hands. And the result? I now have hair that’s all one color! And yes that’s a good thing for me. I dyed my hair using Feria’s Black Leather:

And while it’s a bit of a shock for me to see myself in the mirror, I’m kinda loving it. The color really has nice depth to it and my skin and eye makeup really seem to pop against the dark backdrop. But my eyebrows have always been really light and nearly invisible, and I’ve started wondering if maybe the dark dark hair (my natural color is much lighter than this) isn’t overpowering them.

Which got me to thinking–Do you dye your eyebrows to match your hair color? I may go with a darker brow pencil now that my hair is significantly darker than it was before, but there’s no way I’m dying my eyebrows jet black!

2 Responses to “Do You Match Your Brows To Your Hair?”

  1. Mary Says:

    I would def. recommend not dyeing your brows. A good pencil or shadow usually will do the trick.

  2. *Jen* Says:

    Mary I totally agree – rarely do dyed brows look good.

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