Fantasizing About My Own Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar

June 8, 2009

So I’m sitting here at work feeling stressed and fantasizing about lashes–is that normal? It suddenly occurred to me that while I have a good number of false lashes, I don’t really have any that would qualify as whimsical or just pure fun. Which then brought me to this thought: How amazing would it be to have your own Shu Uemura Tokyo Lash Bar in your powder room?

Here are my choice to start off my ‘fantasy’ Lash Bar:

Slant Back False Eyelashes ($20)
Flirty yet functional, this full set of dramatic lashes with alternating lengths and delicate wispy lashes adds a touch of subtlety for a voluminous and feminine finish.

Premium Velvet Feather False Eyelashes ($50)

The extra-long design of these premium, hand-crafted, soft feather lashes creates a bold, unforgettable statement reminiscent of J-Lo’s mink eyelashes a la the 2001 Oscars.

Premium Velvet Feather Deep Forest False Eyelashes ($50)

Go for glamor and drama with these hand-crafted, soft feathered premium eyelashes in dark green and black. These would have looked amazing with my Wicked-inspired Halloween look.

Premium Black Gown False Eyelashes ($50)

These uniquely elegant falsies are made with black lace to cast mysterious shadows on the eyes. I know there aren’t many occasions that call for lashes like these, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting them!

Lucent Rainbow False Eyelashes ($27)

These multiple loops of translucent rainbow-colored wires lined next to each other are admittedly crazy and verging on unattractive, but I’d get them for the sole reason that they make me smile :).

Swirl Couture False Eyelashes ($95)
I just about fell over when I saw the price on these falsies, but then again they are from Shu’s collaboration with Viktor & Rolf and I guess you’re paying for the designer name. The Swirl Couture lashes come encased in a luxurious white box complete with a masquerade eye mask, blending Viktor & Rolf’s artistic and conceptual approach to design with shu uemura’s avante garde vision.

Mini Indigo False Eyelashes ($18)

Subtley accent your eyes with this subtlely playful mixture of indigo blue, sandy yellow and black.

Mini Star Glitz False Eyelashes ($22)

Small-sized, night sky-colored eyelashes are adorned with small stars to quite literally bring a twinkle to your eyes.

Dazzling Sapphire Diamante False Eyelashes

Black and blue eyelashes bejeweled with dark blue crystals, these lashes are classic with a twist. And much easier than attempting to glue crystals directly onto your eyes!

What lashes would you include in your own Fantasy Lash Bar? It’s nice to do away with all things practical for awhile and to indulge in silliness! 🙂


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