Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner Review & EOTD

June 4, 2009
Kanebo Sensai Liquid Eyeliner ($36)
Elegant, easy-to-use eyeliner has extremely fine brush for smooth, precise lines. Inspired by the aesthetic ideals of Japan’s ancient Imperial court, Sensai Colors “treatment make-up” features layers of translucent hues that evoke the wisdom and allure of women across the ages.

Kanebo Sensai’s Liquid Eyeliner comes sleekly packaging in a refillable metallic click pen with twist off top. Like so many of Kanebo’s other products (you’ve all heard me rave about their foundation and primer), the liquid liner includes great for you incredients like sunflower seed oil and hydrolized silk.

I know that most of you have never heard of Sensai’s Liquid Eyeliner, but it’s my liquid eyeliner of choice at the moment and really a thing of beauty. The applicator tip may look a little wide, but it’s perfect blend of firmness and flexibility makes for amazingly precise and controlled application. Using Sensai’s liner, I can achieve the thinnest of thin lines just as easily as I can a dramatic cat eye look. Which is saying quite a bit since my hands are incredibly unsteady!

The formula is long-lasting and relatively smudge-proof, although the liner does start to migrate upwards on my greasy eyelids towards the end of the day–but really there isn’t a liner out there that doesn’t. The black is a gorgeous, rich black, not the weak, wimpy black look some liquid liners give. All this, coupled with the sleek metal packaging (which I adore) makes this a total winner in my book!

Here’s an EOTD I did months back using Kanebo Sensai’s Liquid Eyeliner and The Body Shop’s Roseflower eyeshadow in Mint Green (review HERE). If I can achieve a line like this with my shaky hands, imagine what you can do!


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