Cle de Peau Beaute Lip Gloss N (Brillant a Levres N) in 2 Review & Swatches

May 28, 2009
Cle de Peau Beaute Brillant a Levres N in #2 ($47)

Cle de Peau’s luxurious lip gloss formulation combines the drama and vibrance of gloss with enduring deep color. It contains the exclusive Cle de Peau Beaute advanced moisutirizing ingredient, Hydro-Wrap Complex, along with Argan Tree Oil for smooth application and wear.

Nicole sent me Cle de Peau’s Gloss N 2 as part of my wonderful birthday package (see the rest of it HERE). I’m quite the lucky girl as she also gifted me Cle de Peau’s absolutely gorgeous Touche de Rouge on a previous occasion (review and swatches HERE)–Nicole’s the best!

Shade 2 is a stunner; it’s everything I’d wished Laura Mercier’s Lip Glace in Bellini would be but wasn’t. It’s a peachy shade that reflects pink in certain angles (just barely) and it contains a heavy heavy dose of super fine gold shimmer throughout that makes for a dazzling effect.

Close Up of Applicator

The gloss is a little on the sticky side, but it’s only sticky enough to make it extreme long-wearing and doesn’t leave your lips feeling at all gummy or tacky–thanks in part to the uniquely angled applicator of the gloss. This applicator is longer and more angled than your conventional applicator, and it’s actually ideally shaped for slicking just a thin layer of gloss over your lips so that you end up with the perfect layer of gloss each and every time. And a sheer layer is all you need thanks to the beautiful vibrancy of the golden shimmer–any more would be overkill.

Swatch of Cle de Peau Beauty Gloss in 2
(Check out additional swatches HERE)

I’ve fallen asleep with this gloss on my lips and woken up after a good 6 hours of tossing and turning to still find remnants of gloss on my lips ~ gross I know, but a testament to the lasting power of Cle de Peau’s glosses. As an added bonus, the gloss is beautifully moisturizing and leaves my lips feeling soft and supple.

Lip Swatches of Shade 2:

Super close-up of the shimmer on lips.

While I’m not so in love with the $47 price tag on these, I think that I can live with it as I really don’t use much gloss each time I apply since with Cle de Peau’s glosses I never feel the need to apply layer after layer to build shimmer and shine–one thin coat is always more than enough. This Gloss N has become a warm-weather favorite for me and it’ll definitely be going into heavy rotation com Summer 2009!

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