Revlon Fruitful Temptations Fruit-Scented Nailpolish Review

May 14, 2009

Revlon gorgeous color collection of luscious nail enamels is comprised of eight shades inspired by the freshness of exotic summer fruits and infused with succulent tropical scents. Each fruit shade has a matching fruit scent when the enamel is dry.

I picked up Not So Blue-Berry, a fun, super-shimmery shade of blue with swirls of silvery lavender that everyone seems to love. The week that I wore this shade, literally everybody I know stopped to compliment me on my nails. Honestly it was a little frosty for my liking, but since everyone else seemed to absolutely LOVE it, I can’t really argue with that now can I? I’ll be posting a photo of it with a Konadicure on top at some point (hopefully–if I get around to it =P) in case you’re wondering what it looks like on.

The photo above is a super close-up of the shade on my nails–you don’t get the whole finger view because it was a particularly bad photo. If you can find these polishes near you, I do recommend checking them out. The colors are fun and summery and the fact that they’re scented makes them a bit of a novelty. My Sunday School kids loved sniffing my nails LOL, and the scent lasted for a good week.

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