Asia Exclusive: SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Program (w/ Whitening Source Melting Essence Films)

May 14, 2009

One item that I was just itching to buy at Duty Free in Korea, but was forced to leave behind, was SK-II’s new Whitening Source Derm-Revival Program.

The Whitening Source Derm-Revival Program was designed to respond to individual whitening needs with high-speed accuracy by detecting peroxide in the skin and delivering actives to address oxidative damage. Peroxide that potentially moves around within the skin is a key contributor to the melanin production process and cause for the unpredictability of new spots. The Whitening Source Derm-Revival Program’s breakthrough glyco-technology contains concentrated whitening actives that target stubborn spots. Each disc of the smart melting film, which dissolves in only 15 minutes, contains as much Vitamin B3 as that in seven pearl-sized drops of the Whitening Source DermDefinition. The mask contains DMT Blocker – an advanced complex containing Vitamin C derivative, Pitera® and Niacinamide; Inositol, a skin conditioning agent; and yeast amino peptide – key to encouraging the release of excess pigmentation from the skin to restore the skin’s crystal clarity.

The mask & melting film duo were a relative bargain at $60something for 6 masks in Korea whereas they cost a small fortune here. If I hadn’t had a layover in Japan, these would be mine right now! But all the Duty Free people basically outright told me these would get confiscated if I attempted to travel through Japan with them =X.

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