Shu Uemura Hard Formula Long-Lasting Brow Pencil Review & Swatches

April 30, 2009
Shu Uemura Hard Formula Eyebrow Pencil ($22)
Natural finish and shape. This unique eyebrow pencil only releases color pigment when it interacts with the oils in the brow hairs. The result is natural, defined brows. Smudge-proof and long-lasting.

Shu Uemura’s Hard Formula Long-Lasting Brow Pencil is my new HG brow product. While I thought that I loved my Anastasia brow pencil, the Shu has made me realize that that was mere puppy love–but this my dear readers is the real thing!

First of all check out my “swatch” of this product. No I haven’t lost it, that’s really the swatch! In the center of the photo you’ll see an ashy kind of reddish spot-that’s from vigorously rubbing the pencil on my skin. The cool (and great) thing about Shu’s Hard Pencil is that the color is only released by the natural oils in your face, and you therefore don’t have to worry about ending up with drawn-in looking Sharpie brows!

This long-lasting oily-skin resistant pencil provides a natural, soft look that never looks drawn in while providing great definition. Starting from the center of your eyebrow work outwards, then go back and fill in the inner portion of your brows, working in short feathery strokes, and voila instant gorgeous brows that never look over done no matter how over-zealous you may get with the pencil.

I’m wearing the pencil in shade Seal Brown, which is basically the default shade for all skin and hair tones. It quite literally works for everybody, so if you have a chance do check it out, it’ll rock your world!

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