Revlon Runway Collection Nails and Fantasy Length Lashes!

April 29, 2009

I haven’t played with artificial nails in well over a decade, but with my upcoming trip to Korea coupled with the fact that I had managed to break nearly every single one of my fingernails had me reaching eagerly for a box of Revlon’s Runway Collection Nails.

Starlet Close-Up

Revlon’s Runway Collection Artificial Nails come in a range of 12 sizes and are light and sheer enough that they successfully replicate the look of your natural nails, a nice feat for little pieces of plastic! I have these in the MEDIUM length and I should warn that these really are quite short–I’ll hopefully be posting photos of the full set of these nails on my fingers within the next week or so.


For my Korea-trip I decided to go with Starlet–I love the subtle swirl of pattern on the French tips, and the fact that they’re beigey rather than white. I have them all laid out on my table by size like so:

…so that come tomorrow morning I can slap these on before heading to the airport. I figured it would be better to apply these after showering since I’d like for them to last as long as possible. I’ll be updating with how well they wear/how they look/how long they last when I get back from Korea!

And just to tide you over, here’s a photo of one of the Starlet nails on my thumb–isn’t it pretty?

I also got a bunch of Revlon false lashes that I’m so ridiculously excited to experiment with. I feel the urge to do some fun and crazy EOTD’s using these! My favorite pair is the Lush–I love that I can create a custom look using these, as I sometimes find a full lash strip a bit hard to pull off.

And all my other lashes! I promise that you’ll be seeing photos of all of these on at some point.

Stay tuned for reviews, EOTD’s and more using these products as soon as I’m back from Korea. I miss you all already! And if you can’t wait until I get back, head to your local drugstore and check these products out for yourself–they’re very recessionista friendly at under $5 each!

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