Quickie Baby Quasar Update #1

April 26, 2009

I’m usually not one to admire my own handiwork, but I have to say that I love this photo I took of the Baby Quasar. But all self-aggrandizement aside, it’s finally time to update you on my preliminary experiences with this petite little wand of miracles, which I introduced you to HERE.

First comes my guilty confession: I haven’t been using this nearly as regularly as I should be because I’m lazy and just can’t seem to muster up the energy to spend 36 minutes holding the Baby Quasar up to my face some nights. BUT even with the limited use this has been receiving, I can without a doubt say that the Baby Quasar is pretty amazing.

So what am I loving so far? Well I haven’t been using the Baby Quasar long enough to see the full-range of results (check out more info on the product site HERE), but this device is unparalleled for zapping away pesky pimples and eradicating cystic acne at its source. I was warned that the Baby Quasar might initially cause a few breakouts as it attempts to normalize your sebaceous glands (resulting in unclogged and tightened pores), and I did notice a few minor bumps, but when I used this on this monster I had forming on my chin, it literally dried it up overnight and it never came to a head.

I also have some acne scarring on my chin due to a spurt of massive breakouts I experienced a few months back, and the Baby Quasar has definitely helped to fade those so that they’re much less visible. I’m confident that with regular usage they’ll quickly disappear.

Not so much: Well pretty much just the fact that the whole process is a bit time-consuming, but who ever said it was easy to be beautiful? 🙂

How to use: You basically split your face into six sections like so:

So Step 1 is to move the Baby Quasar over each sectioned off area for 2 minutes at either the low frequency (orange LED) setting for sensitive skin, or the high frequencey (red LED) setting for normal skin. So after you’ve completed that process ( = 12 minutes), you repeat the treatment a second time using the continuous wave (green LED) or high frequency settings. Once you’re done, you can go back over special areas of concern for an additional two minutes.

When I’m done using my Baby Quasar for the night, I notice that my skin looks smoother, plumper, and just healthier. But I really noticed a difference when I tried the Quasar on my mom–after doing half her face, there was a marked difference. I can’t wait to see the cumulative results of weeks of light therapy!

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