Reader Request: My Majolica Majorca Palettes

April 9, 2009

A few weeks back one of my lovely readers requested that I post photos of my Majolica Majorca palettes, so here they are! Majolica Majorca is a Japanese drugstore brand that makes some beautifully-packaged (and great quality) products~unfortunately they can be a bit hard to come by in the States, but Sasa usually has a decent selection.

In the photo above we have (from Left to Right) the small compact which can hold two eyeshadows or a single blush, the larger compact which can hold four eyeshadows, two blushes, or two eyeshadows and a blush, and to the far right we have the cute little drawer that the blushes originally come packaged in.

Close-up of the larger compact.

So these are the two shadows I have in my larger compact–a pretty mermaidy green shade, and an icy pal lavender, both Maholica Majorca of course. They’re nicely pigmented, albeit a little chalky, but not really two shades that I find myself reaching for all that often.

Swatches of the Eyeshadows

Close-up of the smaller compact.

So housed within the smaller compact is one of my favorite blushes. It’s a tiny strip of nothing (the same size as the two shadows put together) that’s so narrow that it’s pretty difficult to use as a blush, but it’s worth the trouble as it’s this silky smooth, pigmented peachy coral shade with gold shimmer that’s exactly what I wanted and expected Nars Orgasm to be (only Orgasm disappointed me).

Are you a Majolica Majorca fan? Check out my Majolica Majorca mascara revew, my first mascara review ever! 🙂

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