REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream Review

March 30, 2009
REN Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream ($55)

REN’s Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream is a soothing, smoothing, super-emollient day cream packed with essential fatty acids that strengthen your precious skin while replenishing its moisture levels. Formulated with powerful anti-inflammatories, it soothes, calms, and protects reactive skin like mine upon application. It also contains REN’s global protection complex to guard skin from oxidation and free radical damage.

Omega 3 and 7 help repair and strenghten skin while reducing irritation and inflammation. Bisabolol and Calendula soothe and calm sensitive skin, while REN’s Global Protection Complex with its synergistic blend of powerful anti-oxidants and free radical scavengers helps purify the skin and protect it against chronic inflammation and premature ageing.

REN products just make my skin sing with happiness-rarely do I love pretty much each and every product that I try from a single line, but REN is truly wonderful, and the Hydra-Calm Global Day Cream is no exception. It’s great for sensitive, environmentally reactive skin (i.e. those of you who live in the city and have to deal with massive amounts of pollution) or delicate and fair complexions prone to sensitivity or redness (me!).

I love having a cream that comes in pump form so that I don’t have to deal with the messiness of sticing my fingers in a jar (am I the only one who has issues with getting products under her nails?). REN’s Hydra-Calm strikes that happy medium between a hydrating moisturizer and a just-thick-enough cream, and also makes an ideal mixing medium for REN’s serumes which are oil-based (and amazing). The cream is great for winter when my skin needs that extra bit of moisture for both day and night, smells great, and doesn’t break me out, clog my pores, or cause irritation. Plus I think that this in conjunction with REN’s Rose Synergy Serum has helped to significantly calm my redness.

I’m going to switch to something lighter during the summer, but next winter I’ll definitely be repurchasing!


  • My current favorite winter product is REN’s Rose Synergy O12 Restoring Facial Serum–see my review HERE.
  • My other favorite oil serum is REN’s Omega 3 Overnight Lipid Renewal Serum–review HERE.
  • My first two REN products were their Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask and their Multi-Mineral Detoxifying Facial Mask, both of which I happen to adore. Both amazing for keeping you pores clean and clear!

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