SoftLips Review & Giveaway!

March 28, 2009


  • SoftLips Pure Pomegranate Organic Lip Conditioner
  • SoftLips Raspberry Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Vanilla Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Cherry Lip Protectant (Value Pack)
  • SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bronze

Scroll down to find out how, and of course be sure to check out my SoftLips review!

  • SoftLips Pure Pomegranate Organic Lip Conditioner: In my opinion the best product from the SoftLips line, the Pure Lip Conditioners are 99% organic, come in the two yummy yummy flavors of Pomegranate and Honeydew, and most importantly, are very hydrating and long lasting. They don’t give off the menthol/tingling sensation that the other SoftLips products do, but I happen to adore these. A great, affordable option for chapped winter lips!

  • SoftLips Flavored Lip Protectants (Value Pack): I love that these are SPF 20 (which the Organic ones obviously aren’t), come in a great range of flavors (I love strawberry), are light, hydrating, and leave a nice cooling sensation. These are what I reach for come summer-time. I used to be so obsessed with these back in high school and I’m so happy to have rediscovered them!

Swatches of SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioners in Rose & Bronze

  • SoftLips Tinted Lip Conditioner in Bronze: I own the Tinted Lip Conditioners in both Rose & Bronze and they’re both pretty for a bit of shimmery color. I must say that I don’t like them nearly as much as I do the other SoftLips products though, as they’re a bit harder/grittier feeling and not really all that moisturizing. The colors also lean towards being a bit frosty.

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