Guerlain’s ‘Rouge G de Guerlain’ Swatches

March 25, 2009

I wasn’t actually planning on swatching these as I was feeling particularly lazy during this day of shopping, but I remembered that faerie_bel had asked me if I knew what shade the model in this promo image was wearing, so I figured I’d pump the MA for a little info.

The MA decided to add her own swatches to the ones already on my hand, resulting in this mish mash of random swatches =X.
Top Row:
random red (don’t remember the number), #66 with a red lip liner on top
Middle Row: #2, #3, #4, #5
Bottom Row: #6, #1, and another swatch of #2 by the MA

So according to the MA that I spoke with (and I’m not entirely convinced that she’s correct), she thinks that the model in the promo image is wearing Rouge G de Guerlain in #66 over a red liner, hence the #66/liner combo swatch you see in the top row. I’m also wearing #66 on its own in the photo below.

Please excuse the fact that I seem to have developed wrinkly, pruney granny lips in this photo! I really don’t know what’s going on with that and it’s kind of creeping me out. So I wasn’t all that into this shade and SO also hated it on me, but I can definitely see it looking stunning on others.

The packaging was cool of course, but honestly the formula wasn’t $45 worth of wonderful, at least for me. The Rouge G wasn’t as long-lasting as I would’ve liked, and while it did feel beautifully creamy on and have nice opacity, I’d have to say you’re paying a hefty premium for the nifty packaging.


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