Bond No. 9’s Newest Astor Place Sneak Preview & Review

March 25, 2009

Coming in April is Bond No. 9 Astor Place, a fragrance inspired by New York’s most vibrant arts and style intersection. The flacon echoes the angles and cubes of the Rosenthal sculpture, the famous marker of neighborhood,and renders them in an array of rich colors. The golden background pays homage to the Astor fortune and philanthropy.

And the scent? Downtown meets uptown in a seductive and fresh freesia-poppy-violet leaf composition that dries down into smooth notes of teakwood and musk.

I can honestly say that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the smell of Astor Place. I’m not entirely crazy about the gaudy gold flacon, but the top notes of violet leaf and mandarin zest, middle notes of freesia, red poppy buds and iris root, and bottom notes of teakwood, musk and amber combine to form something magical–fresh, springy, feminine, ligh and seductive. It’s a light citrusy floral and the sweetness is nicely balanced by the greeness of the violet leaf. Definitely something that’s going on my spring wish list as this may be my new favorite fragrance.


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