Sana Excel by Noevir Gradation Cheek Blush in G2 Review & Swatches ~ LOVE!

March 24, 2009

Months and months ago I wrote a blush review, promising to tell you about my favorite brush of the moment — and then being me, I never got around to it! =X Yes I know ~ bring on the booing and hissing! But finally, here it is, and believe me it’s a product worth waiting for. I even featured it in my Best of 2008 post!

So what is this much anticipated product? Excel by Noevir’s blush in shade G2–something that I never would have found or purchased myself, but once again thanks to the wonderfulness that is Taryn I was able to try something that I ended up falling in love with.

What makes it so great? Well the blush has just the right amount of shimmer, applies beautifully, and is just completely and utterly perfect in every way. It’s pigmented, blends really well, impart one seriously flattering flush and the strips combine to form the the prettiest shade of pink I’ve seen on my cheeks–seriously it’s like a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick on steroids!

This Excel blush is really a serious stunner. I know the packaging isn’t really much to look at (actually it’s pretty ugly), but the wonderfulness inside more than compensates for that.

Check out the swatches taken under different lighting conditions:

The top swatch is all the colors mixed together, and underneath you can see the colors swatched individually. This is one of those products that I save for special occasions because I don’t want to run out, especially since I don’t know when or where I’ll ever be able to find this again!

Ooooh a commenter just informed me that this is available HERE!


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