MAC Sugarsweet Collection Review & Swatches

March 21, 2009

So I’m actually missing a swatch or two here and there because some of the testers were gone, but I here are swatches of most of the Sugarsweet collection! 🙂

Top Row (Lipsticks):
Saint Germain, Lollipop Loving, Sweet Thing, Bubbles, Touch
Middle Row (Shadesticks): Red Velvet, Penny, Lemon Chiffon (missing Cakeshop and Butternutty)
Bottom Row (Eyeshadows): Aquavert, Stars N’ Rockets, Dear Cupcake

Lipsticks ($14):

  • Saint Germain: A cool-toned bright pastel pink that I happen to think is beautiful but definitely isn’t for everybody. This was beautifully creamy and had great opaque coverage.
  • Lollipop Loving: So I own this from Heatherette, but to me this re-release actually seems really different. Not nearly as much green shimmer as the Heatherette version had, and it didn’t feel as “hard” as my Lollipop Loving did. Strange.
  • Sweet Thing: A sheer fuchsia with fuchsia shimmer, this is definitely a fun and wearable shade, albeit nothing terribly unique.
  • Bubbles: A frosty silver/white/pearl shade. To be honest I don’t quite get it and would probably never wear it.
  • Touch: A creamy, warm chocolately brown shade that I’m sure you know I wasn’t fond of since I don’t like browns at all.

Shadesticks ($16.50):

  • Red Velvet: A deep fuchsia/pink without much sheen to it–quite reminiscent of my Fuchsia pigment, with a little less of a red tinge to it.
  • Penny: As the name indicates, a coppery penny shade.
  • Lemon Chiffon: A frosty pale white gold that’s more white than gold. This would make a great neutral base.

Eyeshadows ($14.50):

  • Aquavert: A pale mint green that’s a little on the sheer side but very pretty.
  • Stars ‘N Rockets: A fuchsia-purple duochrome that’s very similar to Pink Pearl pigment from Heatherette which is one of my absolute favorite pigments of all time. Definitely worth checking out!
  • Dear Cupcake: A bright pinky coral that’s almost matte. I think the color itself is rather unique and very pretty, but I don’t know how wearable it would be. Also, I found it to feel a little chalky and had trouble getting the swatch to show up at first as it wasn’t as pigmented as the others.
Swatches (Lipglasses): Consume, Tasty, Triple-Yum, Simply Delicious, Just Dessert

Tricolour Lipglass ($17.50):

  • Consume Me: A clear gloss with gold pearl that’s pretty much invisible both in the swatches and once on. Rather disappointing =X.
  • Tasty: A sheer raspberry pink that’s definitely the most pigmented of the Tricolour Lipglasses, but that’s reall not saying much considering that they’re super sheer.
  • Triple-Yum: A bronze/brown with gold shimmer that while not my kind of shade was actually rather pretty.
  • Simply Delicious: A peachy pink with gold shimmer that I thought was probably the prettiest lipglass of the bunch. Again it’s super sheer though and essentially invisible on.
  • Just Dessert: A medium pink that reminded me of Like Venus Dazzleglass (not as pretty though!). Still super sheer!

Swatches (Mineralize Skinfinish): Perfect Topping, Refined

Mineralize Skinfinish ($27):
  • Perfect Topping: A super pale pinky peach that would make a gorgeous all-over highlighter. I can’t see this working as a blush considering how pale it is, but I still happen to think it’s gorgeous.
  • Refined: A bronzey nude that was just a little too much on the bronze side for me.

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