Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge in MS 108 Botan Review & Swatches

March 20, 2009
Kanebo Sensai Deep Moist Shine Rouge/Rouge Hydra-Brillance in MS 108 Botan ($40)

The Packaging: Sensai’s Deep Moist Shine Rouges come in the same tube as their Lasting Treatment Rouges ~ a substantial feeling twist-up tube that’s elegant in its understated simplicity.

The Formula: Sensai’s Deep Moist Shine Rouges consist of a sumptuous formula that gently moisturizes lips while sheating them in a highly translucent film of pure, protective lasting color. A moist luster envelops lips, leaving behind a sheer kiss of shimmering color that’s subtle and beautiful.

The rouges contain Kanebo’s exclusive Kanten-treated pigments (a jelly-like substance obtained from red seaweed) and natural Phyto Volumising Oil (a clear botanical oil that helps achieve moist, plump-looking lips). The 12 available clear and glossy hues are inspired by traditional Japanese kasane colors.

The Pigmentation: Sensai’s Deep Moist Shine Rouges are all on the sheer side, in stark contrast to their Lasting Treatment Rouges which are highly pigmented and opaque on the lips. The Deep Moist Shines leave behind just the slightest hint of color and shimmer, making for a clean, polished lip.

The Color: MS 108 Botan is a light peachy shade that gilds lips in a golden shimmer with peachy tones. Botan catches the light beautifully and just brings out my inner goddess–I love it!

It’s a subtle, barely there look that’s tough to capture on camera but that’s really something special in person. I plan on scoping out additional shades in the future.

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