Two Very Cursory EOTD’s Using My Mixology Eyeshadows

March 17, 2009

Guess who actually got home at a semi-decent hour yesterday? Me!!! I seriously couldn’t believe it myself, but I did take the opportunity to experiment a little with my new Mixology Makeup mineral eyeshadows and threw together these two quick looks before having to run out for dinner.

Look #1 Purple Smoke: I’d been wanting to test out the purples, and of course Turbulence, and this was the result. Please excuse the messiness, I threw this together in all of thirty seconds.

I applied Rock Show with a damp brush to the inner third of my eyelid, Pirate to the center using the same brush, and then Turbulence on my outer V. I also applied Turbulence along my lower lash line as a liner, and was so pleased by how pigmented it was. The look definitely needs some refining but I did like where it was headed.

Look #2 Sand Dunes: This looks didn’t photograph too well, but I thought it was really pretty in person and it was actually what I ended up wearing out (partially due to lack of time). I’m wearing Dune all over my eyelid (applied with a damp brush), and just the tiniest speck of Soot on the outer half of my eye for some contrast. Love Dune! It’s got this golden beigey neutral thing going on that really works for me.

If you haven’t seen them already, don’t forget to check out my Mixology Makeup eyeshadow swatches HERE!

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