Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Fluid Makeup SPF 12 Review & Swatches

March 16, 2009
Chanel Teint Innocence Naturally Luminous Fluid Foundation SPF 12 ($47)

Supposedly Chanel’s Teint Innocence is the end-all and be-all in terms of foundations for many makeup fiends. It’s a light-weight, rather sheer luminous foundation that’s meant to even out your skin-tone while maintaining a natural look and letting your real skin shine through.

How do I feel about it? Sadly I’m just not a fan. I should’ve hesitated when the MA at the Chanel counter tried this out on me and my mother told me it didn’t look good–we may drive each other nuts, but my mother has never steered me wrong when it comes to how things look on me. But no, I had to be stubborn–“Everybody loves this foundation” I said; “this is one of the best new foundations according to all the magazines” I told her. But mother does know best!

Swatch of Teint Innocence in 0.8 Gentle Ivory

What I Love: I own Chanel’s Teint Innocence Shade 0.8 Gentle Ivory and I must say that it’s a really great color match. The color essentially blends with and disappears into your natural skintone, partially because this foundation is on the sheer side. I also like the light, liquidy feel of Teint Innocence.

Not So Much: There’s a lot I dislike about this foundation. It looks pretty nice post-application, but within an hour or so it turns me into a greaseball, it slides around my face, and basically my face is an oxidized disaster. Plus the coverage, which is pretty sheer to begin with, completely disappears, leaving me looking unpolished and unfinished. And worst of all, every time I wear this foundation I develop these little bumps all over my face that get worse the longer I wear the stuff.

Also, the packaging on this kinda sucks. You twist off the cap to find a rather large circular opening at the top, and you just pour the foundation into your hands, meaning sometimes you don’t get enough, and sometimes you get way too much. Plus it’s just downright messy as the lid gets caked with foundation and looks sloppy.

The Verdict: This is most definitely a would not repurchase for me. I’m interested in trying Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation since the concepts seem to be similar, and I’m hoping that’ll work a lot better for me.


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