MAC Hello Kitty Kouture Dazzleglass and Sheer Mystery Powder Review & Swatches (Plus Lip Shots)

March 10, 2009

I was surprised to see MAC’s Hello Kitty Kouture collection being carried at Nordstrom, as I’d heard that it was going to be at MAC stand-alone stores only, but I’m not one to complain since it saved me a (very long) trip to my nearest MAC store. How amazing is that display? I do so wanted to take it home with me! Unfortunately the two Dazzleglasses are missing as somebody had borrowed them when I got a chance to sneak a photo with my phone camera (which btw is sooo much better than my old phone’s camera, wouldn’t you agree?).

Swatches (they kind of look like a face no?):
Hello Kitty Dazzleglasses in Kitty Kouture and Dazzlepuss,
with a swatch of Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder in Light Medium in the center

Hello Kitty Sheer Mystery Powder ($90): So I can’t do an in-depth review of this I don’t own it, nor will I ever because I just can’t afford to purchase it right now, and by the time I would be able to it’ll be long gone, but I will share my thoughts based upon my short but sweet meeting with this stunning compact. I actually wasn’t expecting to like this at all, but the compact is so lovely in person ~ it’s got a nice, weighty feel to it, is beautifully constructed, and is seriously cute! As for the powder inside, it was silky smooth, blended beautifully, and light medium would have made a great setting powder for me :(. I want it!

Dazzleglass in Kitty Kouture ($28): Kitty Kouture is a barely there shade of pale pale pink that contains red and gold pearl. It’s not so impressive in the tube, but it’s actually quite pretty on. The packaging consists of the normal Dazzleglass tubes, but there’s a metal ring that says MAC on it attaching a cute Swarovski-embellished Hello Kitty charm. And of course the formula is the same thick and sticky but oh so beautiful Dazzleglass formula that some love and others hate. On the lips Kitty Kouture imparts a slightly milky pink that almost looks like a clear gloss on, but the iridescence under bright lighting is gorgeous!

Dazzleglass in Dazzlepuss ($28): Dazzlepuss is a bright pink with red and blue pearl, but don’t be intimidated by how bold it looks in the tube, as Dazzlepuss is really quite sheer and once on gives your lips a barely there kiss of bright pink.

Sadly I really loved everything from MAC’s Hello Kitty Kouture release – if only I could afford it! Tell me what you purchased so that I can live vicariously through you!

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