Guerlain’s Latest ‘Rouge G de Guerlain’: Have You Checked It Out?

March 6, 2009

Please excuse the lack of substantive posts lately, work has been keeping me extremely busy and I just haven’t had the energy to review any products. I do have a bunch of great review coming soon though!

So while making a quick Saks stop during my lunch break prior to meeting up with my friend for lunch at Takashimaya, I happened to see that Guerlain’s Rouge G de Guerlain had finally launched in all its shiny, bullet-reminiscent glory.


Sadly I was already running late so didn’t have the opportunity to stop and swatch even one lipstick, but I’ll hopefully be bringing you a post on these at some point in the near future!

Rouge G de Guerlain is intended to be a lightweight, long-lasting, and of course, pigmented. It contains ruby powder for radiance, mother-of-pearl to smooth and even the lip surface, and hyaluronic acid microspheres to plump your pucker. The packaging is comprised of a magnetic metal case that flips open to reveal two mirrors. Rouge G is available in 25 shades with a price of $45 each (ouch!) at a Guerlain counter near you.

Okay so after mulling over the price for a bit, I don’t know if I’ll be bringing you a review of these anytime soon. I do love me my expensive lipsticks, but I may be all pricey-lipsticked-out at the moment.

How do you feel about these? Think we’re just paying a massive mark-up for fancy packaging?

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