Kanebo Sensai Lasting Treatment Rouge Review & Swatches

March 3, 2009
Kanebo Sensai Lasting Treatment Rouge ($40)

Say hello to my current lipstick obsession, Sensai’s Lasting Treatment Rouge in shade LT 18 Hitoeume from the recently launched Sensai Colors Collection. What makes it so great? Well the formula is just gorgeous~this lipstick deposits a rich, creamy, opaque layer of color on your lips that stays vivid and fresh for hours. No disappearing lippies here! The long-lasting but never drying formulation contains kanten-treated pigments and auto coating gel, which serve to continuously absorb moisture from your skin and your own breath, meaning you’re moisturizing as you’re breathing!

And because I think this is just so cool–a little more info on the auto coating gel. Auto Coating Gel is a clear liquid oil derived from silicone; upon exposure to moisture from the skin or breath, the oil in the auto coating gel congeals into a soft gel which moisturizes the skin while firmly retaining pigments, meaning your color lasts and stays true without drying out your lips. Genius!

Close-Up (this is pretty much the exact color)

This is the one lippie that my mother and I continually try to steal from each other. While we have similar coloring, most lipsticks look great on me and blah on her, or look fabulous on her and absolutely terrible on me–but this one looks great on both of us, although I happen to think it looks just a smidge better on me ;).

Hitoeume is a clear, clean shade of bright-pink (think Barbie) that has a subtle silvery sheen to it. It’s beautifully pigmented, providing your lips with quick and easy opaque coverage, and once on you really don’t need to worry about touch-ups for hours. I’m a lip-licker so my lipsticks usually disappear in a matter of 30 minutes to an hour, but Hitoeume stays bright and vibrant on my lips for hours on end.

The Lasting Treatment Rouges have really gorgeous color pay-off, feel deliciously creamy going on, are non-drying, and last for hours and hours. I actually fell asleep with this on last night (I know–shame on me) and when I woke up, still had a pink stain on my lips, which is miraculous since I’m a tumultuous sleeper and seriously nothing stays on. I know these are pretty pricey at $40, but I foresee this lipstick lasting for a very long time as you don’t need too much with each use since it is so pigmented, and I’m definitely going to be checking out the other shades.

SENSAI COLORS are available at select Barney’s nationwide, or visit www.kanebo.com for further store locations or call Kanebo’s direct toll free number (1-866-271-6815) for direct shipping.

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