Naris Up Natural Eggshell Pack Review

March 2, 2009

I’m always looking for a way to keep my tragically large pores clear and blackhead free, and this Naris Up peel-off mask was the latest product added to my ever-expanding collection of skincare items amassed in furtherance of this endeavor. I picked this up from Mitsuwa (check out my spy cam shots HERE!) on sale for $4.99 which was a fabulous deal, since I’ve been reading about people paying anywhere form $10-15 for this online.

How To Use: This “pack” consists of two very small tubes of product: one contains a clear, liquidy pre-essence that you apply onto your nose and chin (or wherever else you may have blackheads), and the second tube contains a gooey, viscous black substance that you spread over the pre-essence before it’s had a chance to dry. Then you just sit around, wait for everything to dry and peel away.

I loved that this had English directions on the back, as I never would’ve known what to do with the pre-essence otherwise.

Back when I was in middle school Shiseido made a product like this that was absolutely amazing, but sadly they discontinued that product (story of my life) and I haven’t been able to find anything comparable since then. So how did this stack up?

No this isn’t my nose! 🙂

See all those nasty blackheads/whiteheads? Click to enlarge if you dare!

The Naris Up peel-off mask does a good job of clearing out the blackheads from your larger pores, but I wouldn’t say that it leaves your nose squeaky-clean and clog-free. I’d say it gets rid of 50-75% of my blackheads on any given occasion, which really isn’t bad at all.

One word of warning~don’t use this all over your face! Or at least avoid the areas that have peach fuzz on them, as this will latch onto those with a vice grip and it really won’t be pleasant when it comes time to peel this off. I’d recommend sticking to the chin/nose area, and expanding outwards with caution.

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