Avon Charge Artist Transforming Nail Color Review and Photos

February 24, 2009
Change Artist Transforming Nail Color ($5.49)

I posted about Avon’s Change Artist Transforming Nail Colors HERE a little over a month ago, purchased them, and then never got a chance to post about them! *Sigh* such is the story of my blogging life~~so many wonderful products to review, so little time!

Check out how this cool concept works out in practice, along with some photos, after the jump!

Shimmering Steel

Shimmering Lavender

I was pretty pleasantly surprised by these polishes. The colors are very opaque and you literally only need one coat to achieve full coverage, making for a quick and easy manicure. The clear, “transforming” end contains a very fine-tipped brush that’s great for achieving fine detail. It looks all splayed out in the tube, but once you pull it out the bristles pull together and it’s really very nice for achieving a decent amount of detail or a basic french tip.

On the downside, I found the whole color transforming thing to be a bit messy. The clear polish had a tendency to wipe away some of the underlying polish, although that may just be because my polish was never quite dry enough. Also, this polish is a major pain in the but to remove thanks to its glittery texture!

I did enjoy the fun-factor, but I can’t see myself using these all that often as I just don’t really enjoy spending inordinate amounts of time scrubbing away at my nails.

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