Too Tired To Post, BUT…

February 23, 2009

So it’s late Sunday night and while I have a million product reviews in the works, I’m just not feeling the beauty-blogging magic tonight so you’ll have to wait until Monday night for more reviews! Sorry :).


On the bright side (at least for me), I seem to be undergoing a gadget overhaul as of late. First it was my wonderful new camera, then this weekend I went and got myself a new phone. It’s nothing particularly exciting, but my last phone (scroll down to the bottom HERE to check it out) was having bluetooth issues plus I was pretty sick of it, so I decided that it was time for a change. Check out my new LG Vu–it’s touchscreen which I love!

Unfortunately, it’s also prone to those pesky fingerprint marks and so I decided that I needed a skin for it so as not to drive myself bonkers constantly wiping it off. I took a photo of the pattern on one of my favorite blouses and turned it into a customized skin at Unique Skins.


And just as I was about to place an order for GelaSkin #1 from this post, I realized the girl was topless, and since I’m not all that into having a topless girl on my iPod, I decided to forego the whole GelaSkin thing for now and designed a cover for my iPod on Unique Skins as well.


So if you’ve been wondering why I’m now too tired to blog, now you know! Hope everybody had as fun a weekend as I did!

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