The Body Shop Roseflower Lips Review & Swatches

February 21, 2009
The Body Shop Roseflower Lips (now $11 from $16)

This is going to be a short review since I don’t have too too much to say about this product other than that I absolutely LOVE it!

These Roseflower lipsticks from The Body Shop’s spring Moroccan Rose collection are delicately imbued with a light rose fragrance and contain moisturizing Community Trade organic beeswax and marula oil from Namibia helps to repair your skin’s moisture barriers.

Roseflower Lips in True Pink (front) and Deep Pink (back)

True Pink is a bright, almost reddish/fuchsia shade, and deep pink is a deeper mauvey pink. While I do wish that these were available in a wider range of shades, I really can’t complain because the formula is that fabulous. These are uber hydrating and just glide on like liquid silk! They have a high shine finish that obviates the need for any gloss on top and shimmer and shine beautifully on the lips.

Swatches: Deep Pink, True Pink

I thought they were rather decently priced at $16, but for $11 these are a steal! I’ll be reviewing a bunch of other products from The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose/Roseflower spring release (which are currently all $5 off) so stay tuned!

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