The Body Shop Roseflower Eyes in Shade 02 Mint Green Review & Swatches Plus Quick EOTD

February 21, 2009
The Body Shop Roseflower Eyes in Shade 02 Mint Green (now $9 from $14)

Another great item from The Body Shop’s Moroccan Rose/Roseflower spring release, this shadow really took me by surprise. I was expecting this to be on the frosty/super sheer side, but it’s actually quite pigmented, not frosty in the least, and quite beautiful for the spring.

I’m a huge sucker for “treatment” makeup, meaning makeup that also doubles as treatment for your skin, so the fact that The Body Shop’s spring shadows contain marula nut oil and shea butter for moisturization and hydration means that I like them all that much more.

Close Up of Mint Green~see the pretty shimmer?

The Rosefloewr Eyes shadow in Mint Green has an embossed pink rose design that makes for an interesting combination little addition to your green should swipe your brush across the two shades together, and also works quite beautifully on its own. This is actually my first (I think–don’t hold me to this though!) mint green shadow and I actually loved the way it looked on!

On the downside, the shadow tended to be a bit crumbly in the pan which can make for some messiness and more importantly, can be rather annoying. Also, if you’re a fan of shimmer and glitter, contrary to its appearance in the pan, this is a rather matte shadow.

Swatch of 02 Mint Green

I threw together a very basic FOTD using Mint Green–I applied it all over my eyelid (no base or anything for once), then very lightly shaded my outer V with my Radiant Graphite mineral shadow (also from The Body Shop), and that was pretty much it! I added some liner later on, which is why the top photo has liner and the bottom photo doesn’t.

All in all though I really do like this product. I never ever go without some kind of base on my eyes because my oily eyelids melt away any and all traces of eye makeup within an hour or two, but I was in a rush this day so applied Mint Green without anything underneath and check out the pigmentation! Plus it lasted amazingly well–I was seriously impressed!


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