Drugstore Discoveries: Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen Review & Polka Dot Manicure

February 20, 2009

So while I was waiting for my Konad order to arrive a week or so ago I felt this major compulsion to do at least a little something fun with my nails, so on a mid=afternoon run to Duane Reade (hey other people take cigarette breaks, I take Duane Reader breaks!) I picked up a Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen in Hot Pink to mess around with.

This product is essentially a fine-tipped pen that you can use to draw designs onto your nails–great in theory and pretty decent in practice!

So what did I love? Well the color for one–the hot pink popped beautifully against my Chanel Black Satin. I also really appreciated that the fine tip was actually fine, meaning that I could get a decent amount of detail onto my nails with relative ease.

Not so much? Unless you’re ambidextrous, one hand is going to look fabulous while the other hand will look like a toddler scribbled all over it. Also, since this is a glorified pen you’re options as to what you can create on your nails is somewhat limited.

Verdict? I actually had a ton of fun with this pen and fully instead to get quite a bit of use out of it, but now that I have my Konad I’ll be relying on that for anything more complex than basic stripes or polka dots. I’m thinking that my Konad and the Sally Hansen pen may get along quite well, however, since I can use the pen to color in some details on my Konadicures. I foresee a long and happy marriage between these two products!

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