MAC Hello Kitty from Nicole, A New Keychain, And Just a Touch of Food Poisoning

February 18, 2009
Medium MAC Hello Kitty Cosmetics Case (from Nicole) and My Own Mini
Plus My New Keychain~
isn’t she cute?

My new keychain from Pylones~~I found this store in Grand Central the other day and I LOVE it!

So I’m sure you’ve all heard me go on and on and on about just how fabulous Nicole is–I’ve even had kidnapping threats from a certain somebody *ahem.* But nope she’s mine all mine! When Nicole told me she’d picked up a little something Hello Kitty for me, this oh so generous package was the last thing I was expecting!

Scroll down to see what I got!

Super-cute mirrored keychain/bag charm I’ve been lusting after since seeing Nicole’s.

Medium makeup bag (which I couldn’t stop thinking about) and the ridiculously cute purse mirror.

Gotta love the great zippers on the makeup bags!

Thank you sososo much Nicole! I finally let myself really play with everything, and I’ve been having so much fun just looking at all my Hello Kitty accessories together! And today was seriously the perfect day for me to decide to let myself indulge in some Kitty, since it seems that whatever I ate for lunch isn’t agreeing with me at all. I won’t go into the gritty details, but suffice it to say that I’m feeling pretty nasty and will be going up to bed as soon as I’ve clicked “publish”! On days like this, it’s always great to have Hello Kitty-themed makeup goodies to take your mind off things.

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