KONAD Stamping Nail Art System Review & My First Konadicure!

February 16, 2009

Guess what arrived in the mail yesterday? My very own Konad Stamping Nail Art System~~or at least part of one. After seeing this video I basically became Konad-obsessed and couldn’t rest until I got some Konad of my very own, so I ordered up a stamper, scraper, image plate holder and one image plate to give the system a try. I skipped on the special polishes and all that because if I ended up hating the whole Konad thing I didn’t want to be out too much money.

I ordered plate M60 primarily for the argyle pattern (top right) and gave it a try as soon as it arrived! You basically grab a gloopy polish (I used Sally Hansen Hard As Nail Xtreme Wear in white), swipe it over the pattern, scrape away the excess, pick up the image with the stamper, and transfer it to your nail.

As you can see, the plate starts to get a little scratched up from the scraper which is unfortunate (don’t mind the fact that you can see my chandelier reflected in the plate–I was taking a few last minute photos for you all), but all in all the system works amazingly well! It did take me a few tries (okay a ton of tries) to find a polish that would work with the Konad stamp, but once I did I was good to go.

I’m sure if I used an actual Konad polish I’d get a lot more opacity in the design, and therefore a more vivid “stamp,” but I’m pretty happy with my results!

My nails post-Konad stamping, and pre-cleaning up. As you can see, it gets all over the place!

Close-up of my nail. Since this isn’t a Konad special polish, the colors isn’t as opaque as it could be and therfore looks somewhat blue instead of the bright white it would be had I used Konad polish.

Stay tuned for more Konad manicures (or Konadicures) in the coming days, since I’ve already switched my nails to a different pattern!

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