Share Your MAC Hello Kitty Hauls With Me!

February 13, 2009

I’ve been dying to get a better look at some of the Hello Kitty accessories, but thanks to the insanity that’s been my life this week I haven’t been able to find the time–but thanks to Nicole I’ve been inundated with all the cute Hello Kitty for MAC accessory photos that I can handle! I’m so jealous of her fabulous haul!



LOVING this Hello Kitty purse mirror–it’s adorable!

I didn’t think much of this keychain/mirror thingy when I saw it in the promo images, but I’m seriously wishing I’d picked it up!

This train case is TDF! Interior dividers, brush slots, and pink lining–heaven!







Sorry I have been as “blog-focused” as I usually am~~things have just been insane at the office this week and while I’ve been thinking of you all constantly, finding the actual time to take photos, upload them, then crop & edit them and compose a post has been more than my exhausted brain can handle. But come this weekend it will once again be all about you my wonderful A Beautyful Sentiment readers!! Hopefully I can have a Valentine’s Day FOTD tutorial up or something!

Thanks so much Nicole for sharing your MAC Hello Kitty haul with all of us! Now for the rest of you–what did you end up with?


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