SENSAI COLORS Collection by Kanebo

February 11, 2009

Sensai hasn’t released a new color collection in the longest time, so I was ridiculously excited to learn about the launch of their SENSAI COLORS Collection, a new treatment makeup line consisting of 22 items for eyes, lips and cheeks. Designed in conjunction with famed makeup artist Hisano Komine, SENSAI COLORS feature Kanebo-exclusive Koishimaru Slk Extract and other skincare innovations such as Auto-Coating Gel, a soft gel that moisturizes the skin when you breathe, Layered Amino Pigments, Smoth Pearl Powder, and a bunch of other great components!

FOR LIPS: For the lips Kanebo has a fabulous-sounding lip base ($15) which blurs any imperfections/fine lines/etc while also providing SPF 15. But the products I’m really interested in are the Lasting Treatment Rouge ($40) and the Deep Moist Shine Rouge ($40). The Lasting Treatment Rouge claims to last for hours and contains Auto Coating Gel which purportedly provides moisture by your breathing on it! As for the Deep Moist Shine Rouges, I’m wondering if these will be comparable to the new Sisley Phyto lipsticks.

FOR EYES: I’ve been on the hunt for a great eyeshadow primer since great-lasting power is no longer the only thing I’m looking for. As I get older I worry about wrinkle formation, so I’d love to find a primer that’s both great at priming and also contains anti-aging properties–cue Kanebo’s Eyelid Base ($26) which moisturizes and soothes the eye area. The Eyeshadow Palettes ($50) are also absolutely gorgeous, as I’m dying to check them out along with the Eyeliner Pencil ($28–I’m hoping this will be smudge free and silky smooth!) and the Liquid Liner ($36)–and the Eyebrow Pencil ($28). LOL so pretty much everything!

FOR CHEEKS: I’m absolutely loving the color scheme of the promo image above, and the blush for $45 is seriously beautiful and ties the entire collection together! I was so seriously impressed by Sensai’s Smoothing Water Makeup Base and their Fluid Finish Foundation (easily the best foundation I’ve ever tried) that I’m expecting great things from the rest of these products. I hope to be able to check them out soon!

I’ve been getting calls from Bergdorf all week informing me that SENSAI COLORS has now launched and that they’re offering makeovers, brow shapings and facials to celebrate!

When: February 9 – 14, 2009, 11am – 7p. Call 212.872.2537 to make an appointment!

The SENSAI COLORS Collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman and select Barney’s New York stores. For additional information, visit

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