MAC Hello Kitty Review, Swatches & Haul!!! Plus Info On How To Get Yours Now!

February 6, 2009
Snuck a Quick Photo of the Display

My haul!!

Okay so 2/3 of this actually isn’t for me, but for a very special person who couldn’t make it herself to the MAC counter~~so I’ll be babysitting all her Hello Kitty stuff for her!

Hello Kitty Lipstick Swatches ($14)
Top Row: Big Bow, Fashion Mews, Strayin’
Bottom Row: Cute Ster, Fresh Brew, Most Popular


  • Big Bow: A sheer bright pink with fuchsia iridescence. I thought I’d love this one but I just wasn’t crazy about how the fuchsia iridescence looked on my lips so I passed on this one.
  • Fashion Mews: A somewhat sheer lavender shade (a lighter version of Lavender Whip from Cremesheen). I wanted to love this one but it was a bit of a disaster on me and I just couldn’t pull it off.
  • Strayin’: A beautifully-pigmented shade of bright pink. It’s probably the most pigmented lipstick of the bunch and definitely a Hello Kitty must-have!
  • Cute Ster: A sheer peachy pink with pearl which I loved! It’s definitely not the most pigmented lipstick, but it shimmers beautifully on the lips.
  • Fresh Brew: Fresh Brew is quite literally the shade of milky coffee and is probably my least favorite of the bunch.
  • Most Popular: A sheer deep berry that’s very pretty but nothing all that special.

Hello Kitty Lipglass Swatches ($14)
Top Row: She Loves Candy, Nice to Be Nice, Sweet Strawberry
Bottom Row: Fast Friends, Nice Kitty, Mimmy


  • She Loves Candy: A pale blue pink with gold pearl. While I tend to love glosses like this, I skipped this one as it was pretty invisible on me.
  • Nice to Be Nice: Bright coppery orange. I think you all know how I feel about oranges, so I didn’t even bother trying this one on.
  • Sweet Strawberry: Deep raspberry with blue pearl. Sweet Strawberry is y far the most pigmented gloss of the bunch and is really beautiful!
  • Fast Friends: Bright glittery purple in the tube, but a sheer fuchsia/pink once on.
  • Nice Kitty: Frightening neon pink in the tube, but a sheer bright pink with pink and blue pearl once on. My favorite gloss from Hello Kitty!
  • Mimmy: A pale creamy pink with pink and gold pearl. Mimmy is nothing mind-blowing but I loved the prettiness.

Hello Kitty Eyeshadow Palettes x4 ($38)
Top Row:
Lucky Tom Palette (Creme Royale, Paradisco, Stylin, Lucky Tom)
Bottom Row: Too Dolly Palette (Yogurt, Romping, Too Dolly, Stately Black)

Review: I wasn’t really crazy about either of the palettes, but if I had to go with one, I’d definitely go with Too Dolly. The shadows weren’t as intensely pigmented as I was expecting, plus they were a bit on the chalky side. The only shade I really loved was Romping.

Hello Kitty Tinted Lip Conditioners ($14.50)
Left to Right: Pink Fish, Popster


  • Pink Fish: A soft, somewhat milky pink that I really liked quite a bit.
  • Popster: A bright corally pink. I’d seen some lip photos of this on others and thought I’d love it, but it actually looked a little too bright and garish on me–go figure! I still kinda want it though.

Hello Kitty Beauty Powders and Beauty Powder Blushes
Top Row: Beauty Powders in Pretty Baby, Tahitian Sand
Bottom Row: Beauty Powder Blushes in Tippy and Fun & Games


  • Beauty Powders in Pretty Baby and Tahitian Sand: Pretty baby is a super super pale and sheer pink powder that was invisible on me. I swatched and swatched and couldn’t get it to show up! The same goes for Tahitian Sand, which is a sheer beige with hints of peach–it’s pretty much invisible. To me neither of these are worth the money.
  • Beauty Powder Blush in Tippy: A stunning midtone blue pink that I was sooo tempted to get but resisted. I feel like I may need to go back for this though!
  • Beauty Powder Blush in Fun & Games: A soft orangey peach that’s semi-matte, not all that pigmented and rather disappointing.

Hello Kitty Pigments & Reflects Glitters
Left to Right: Deep Blue Green, Reflects Blue, Reflects Very Pink, Milk


  • Reflects Glitters in Reflects Blue and Reflects Very Pink: Reflects Blue is mostly white glitter with hints of blue. Reflects Very Pink is is a rather blah shade of pink. Both aren’t all that smooth since these aren’t pigments but glitters.
  • Pigments in Deep Blue Green and Milk: Deep Blue Green is a rich deep bluish green that looks almost black under certai lighting, and forest green under others. Milk is a pale lavender shade with a nice smooth texture.

Unfortunately Saks won’t be carrying many of the accessories (such as the brush set), but they did have the cosmetics bags in stock and I ended up getting the mini. I know many of you have complained that these are pretty tiny, but I actually love the really small size since I hate big bulky makeup bags.

And I finally (literally just today) got some notification about Hello Kitty in the mail LOL!

So I promised you info on how to get your Hello Kitty now and here it is: order via telephone from Saks Fifth Avenue in NYC!! The Hello Kitty collection launches in NYC today, meaning you can have all this Hello Kitty wonderfulness shipped to your doorstep and have it before everyone else! Plus you won’t have to worry about pre-ordering or getting online to place your MAC order.

If you’re interested in ordering from Saks, call Lindsay Hymson at 212-940-2158. She’s super-sweet and helped me pick out all the stuff for my haul!

And Nicole just informed me that the collection is also currently up on the Nordstrom site, so definitely head on over and place your orders!

Now that you’ve seen the swatches, what will you be getting from Hello Kitty?

Expect to see photos of my haul on my lips within the next few days!

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