Sisley ‘Phyto’ Lip Shine Swatches & Mini Review

January 27, 2009
Top Row: #2 Sheet Sorbet, #3 Rose, #4 Rosewood
Middle Row: #5 Raspberry, #6 Burgundy, #7 Peach, #8 Coral
Bottom Row: #9 Cherry, #10 Toffee

I blogged about Sisley’s new ‘Phyto’ Lip Shine lipsticks ($50) last week and have been thinking about them since, so of course when I passed the display at Bergdorf I had to take a quick swatching break! The shades, albeit sheer, are deliciously fruity looking and really beautiful, and they wear amazingly well.

Upon applying Phyto Lip Shine I was seriously amazing by how feather-light the formula was. I love the look of glosses and lipsticks, but I’m also the kind of person who can’t stand the feel of anything on her lips and so I always have to scrub off whatever I’m wearing on my lips before I’ll eat or drink–but not with Phyto Lip Shin. I applied Rosewood before heading out to dinner at the romantic Cafe des Artistes, and not only were my lips seriously hydrated, but I couldn’t even tell that I was wearing anything. Nothing has ever felt so light on my lips while wearing so well.

Now the downside–and it’s pretty major! I tested these at several department stores (Bergdorf, Saks, etc.) and all of the testers had the same issue-this lipstick is very soft, and all of the testers, while still relatively new, were in the process of breaking or were completely broken at the base. Now I love a sheer, shiny, glossy lipstick as much as the next person, but for $50 I’d hope that my lipstick would hold up for really well, and unfortunately Phyto just doesn’t seem to.

That doesn’t mean I’m not tempted because I still am, but the breakage issue definitely makes me think harder about plunking down $50 for one of these.

What’s your favorite shade?

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