Drugstore Discoveries: Einstein Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream Review

January 27, 2009
Einstein Cosmetics Lip Therapy Hydrating Lip Cream ($6)

Before I actually get to reviewing this, one little thing. I’m noticing that the website product images show this as saying “Lip Theory” whereas mine says “Lip Therapy”–I’ve had mine for quite some time so maybe they repackaged and semi-renamed this stuff? Strange!

Einstein Cosmetics’ creator, Benjamin Einstein (yes apparently that’s his real name!), was one of the creator of Hard Candy. One afternoon, while visiting his mother in California, Ben noticed that even though she didn’t wear much makeup, she had a whole box full of lip products in her bathroom, from a $0.75 Carmex to a $45 La Mer Lip Serum. Ben’s mom, like so many other people, enjoyed likable aspects of each product but each also had less desirable attributes, which made her keep buying and trying more products. So Ben decided to bring his mother’s dream lip product to life. He set out to combine all the benefits of these various concoctions into one product using the high-end ingredients he discovered in Japan.

Einstein’s Hydrating Lip Cream is an intensive moisturizing cream that hydrates lips with nano-particle technology and smooths them with yellow Vitamin C beads which gently exfoliate lips, resulting in a youthful, supple, and healthy appearance.

This stuff is basically like lotion for your lips–the consistency is thin and unexpectedly runny, much like a really really light moisturizer. It contains yellow exfoliating beads that you massage into your lips which are great for getting rid of any dead skin you may have accumulated on your lips, and overall is a pretty great product for your $6. Upon initial application you’ll notice a pleasant minty/cooling sensation that I always enjoy, and within seconds your lips will be visibly smoother, plumper, and more hydrated–better than any $30 plumper that does little to nothing in my book!

So why am I not raving about this product? Well the pot just contains so little product! Seriously when I opened mine it looked half empty which was really disappointing. I really hope that at some point Einstein Cosmetics will fill these little pots up more. All in all though I love this stuff–it easily surpasses most lip treatments that I’ve tried, and I do so enjoy its unique non-Chapstick-like consistency.




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