Grasenbon Gran "Brush" Blush in 01 and 11 Review & Swatches

January 24, 2009
Grasenbon Gran Brush (1,800 yen = a little over $20)

Before I get to reviewing these, a huge huge huge thank you to Taryn for not only introducing me to Grasenbon (apparently their blushes are all the rage but I’ve just been completely oblivious) but also for sending me these two gorgeous blushes! I never would’ve been able to try these had it not been for you!


So what do I love about my new Grasenbon blushes? So many things!

  • #1 The Engrish makes me laugh–apparently these are “brushes” and not blushes LOL.
  • #2 The absolute cuteness of it all. The pink plastic exterior, the compact size–it’s all just so girly!
  • #3 The structure of the compact; it opens up to reveal a nicely-sized mirror, the gorgeous shimmering blush, and then there’s storage for the brush it comes with underneath.
  • #4 The beautiful shimmering color range and the pigmentation.

01 Lady Rose (cool pink with silver shimmers) on the left, 11 Sugar Marmalade (peachy tangerine) on the right.

The Grasenbon Gran Blushes are beautifully pigmented, have a soft silky texture, contain illuminating subtle shimmer and are just fabulous all-around. I really can’t find a single thing that I dislike about these other than the fact that they’re so difficult to come by state-side! I did make the mistake of rubbing too hard with my 187 across the top of the 01 shade, and ended up wasting a lot of product as a result. I’ve become used to some of my less-pigmented blushes and tend to forget that I really don’t need to attempt to collect as much product on my brush with most Japanese blushes!

Close-Up of Grasenbon Gran Blush in 01 with Flash

Shade 01 Lady Rose is a cool-toned soft pink with fine silver shimmer interspersed throughout. On me this is very natural and just gives my cheeks a subtle brightness and glow that I love for those days when I want to look made up yet natural.

Close-Up of Grasenbon Gran Blush in 11 with Flash

Shade 11 Sugar Marmalade is a peachy tangerine and precisely the types of shades that I once used to avoid but now love thanks to Taryn (we all know how much I love this Pupa blush!). I absolutely adore the soft peachy glow this gives me and would wear this every day if I weren’t afraid of running out! Just a quick swirly with my 187, a gentle stroke or two across my cheekbones and I’m glowing.

Top Row:
01 on the left, 11 on the right
Middle Row:
Same swatches, different lighting.
Bottom Row: Swatches blended.

If you have a buddy in Japan who’s willing to send these over to you, they’re absolutely worth giving a try! Compared to American department store blushes they’re really rather affordable and the quality is superb! I highly highly recommend them!


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