Mascaras For Those Pesky Lower Lashes

January 22, 2009
I know I mentioned that I would be purchasing Tarte’s ‘Bottoms Up’ Lower Lash Mascara in this post but I was a little bit lazy about placing my order (so what else is new), but it turned out to have been a good thing because I discovered this little gem while browsing yesterday.

Imju Fiberwig Tiny Sniper ($15)

What it does: Tiny Sniper is the same formula as the Fiberwig top-selling mascara in Japan – beating the competition with remarkable, “false eyelash-like” results. Never miss a lash with Imju Fiberwig Tiny Sniper lengthening mascara. Get a fuller look and extreme reach by catching short, thin, and hard-to-reach corner and lower lashes. Tiny Sniper has a specially designed brush, with its ultra-fine angled head and an easy-to-hold grip, to make precise application a breeze.
What else you need to know: The glossy black formula defines lashes with an abundance of fibers that easily enhances every tough-to-catch lash. The film coating has the dual effect of preventing smudging, by resisting sweat and oil, and further extending your fabulous fringe. For optimal results, use the original Fiberwig and and the Tiny Sniper together. If you struggle to reach each and every lash, the Tiny Sniper will give you ultimate precision to accentuate even the smallest lash – especially those in the inner and outer corners.

It’s a dollar cheaper than the Tarte and the longer angled applicator seems to make for better application, plus I can use it to coat those hard to reach inner lashes. So I happened to pop by Sephora before work this morning and guess what I saw? Tiny Sniper of course! It’s currently sitting on my desk next to me, just crying out to be played with!

Tarte ‘Bottoms Up’ Lower Lash Mascara ($16)
What it is: A mascara specifically designed to precisely coat each and every bottom lash.
What it does: Tarte Bottoms Up™ – Lower Lash Mascara has a flake-free, water-resistant formula with a precision tapered brush that allows you to target the tiniest of lashes and wide-set bristles that separate and evenly coat. The ergonomic component ensures easy application for perfectly defined bottom lashes.

I’m thinking of popping by Saks/Bergdorf during lunch–we’ll have to see how I am for time!


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